The big proposal!

From Fiona and Simon, 27-May-2013

I hadn't been on MSE for a while as I was at the point where I was about to give up on internet dating for a while when I received a mail out of the blue from Si68 at the beginning of May 2011.

Most of the messages I received said things like "hi how are you ?", "hi like your profile etc" but his message was different. He asked questions like what song would I dance along to on a Sunday morning and did I like mustard with my steak !

After a few messages I decided to take a chance and meet him for a date. We went to my local and chatted till closing. Our second date wasn't right away, when he turned up he wasn't carrying flowers but had a carrier bag containing stotties, pease pudding and a box of Ringtons teabags. To most this would seem like an unusual gift but as a northerner living in the SouthEast I was so touched by the amount of effort he had put into place to bring me these treats.

We went on our first holiday to Turkey in September 2011, my birthday was on the 8th, he took me into town early, as I found out later it was in order to catch the sunset for when he proposed. I had only known him 5 months but without hesitation said Yes !

He moved in with me a few weeks later and we bought our first house together in November 2012. From the moment I met him there was no doubt he was the man for me: kind, considerate and with old fashioned values.

Two years ago I walked down to my local for a date and in two weeks I will be walking down the aisle to marry the love of my life.

Thank you Midsummer's Eve x

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