Double marriage!

From Alex, 20-Dec-2011

We got married! I met John (Holdontight) online at Midsummers Eve after my Dad met my Step mum on this website. John and I met in Leek in an Aldi car park half way between our homes - very romantic. We had been chatting on Midsummers Eve for a month when we met up.

He thought I was gorgeous and I thought he was beautiful! After 6 months he was brave enough to meet my 3 children and his 2 children gave us the thumbs up. Now nearly 3 years later we have been married for 7 weeks and 1 day and it is fantastic!

The 80 miles between us doesn't matter, as we commute between our 2 houses at weekends and 41 and 47 years into this life malarkey we have found our true loves. Don't give up on love - it really will find you one day! We want to say a BIG thank you to Midsummer's Eve, as we had both given up on relationships but now we have found each
other and it really is brilliant! Mr and Mrs M x

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