Love grows stronger as each day passes

From Chippy, 11-May-2011

Just thought as my account has now expired that I would let you know that through midsummerseve I have met a beautiful lady - Miss Daisy for whom I have been seeing since the 1st May 2010 and will celebrate knowing each other one year on 9th April 2011.

Considering that Miss Daisy was the very first person I mailed it is amazing to think that we have come so far and as each day passes our love grows stronger for each other. At the time of writing we still live in our respective homes but see each other every weekend travelling a roud trip of 150 miles for the pleasure of doing so.

As to the future who knows, we are immensely happy and enjoy each others company which is the main thing, midsummerseve has certainly changed our lives and I hope that anyone who is reading this is inspired by the fact that there are genuine people out there who do join sites such as these and have a happy ever after story to tell.

Thank you for reading my brief story and good luck in finding your soul mate to fulfill your dream.

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