The Day My Life Changed (A Poem)

From Jan, 28-Jul-2009


I met a local man after my divorce in September 2004,
We got on well at first, but over time he became a bore.

He never took me out, or treated me, not even a cup of tea,
He was a miser and self centred, he didn't care about me.

I hoped with time he would change, but he didn't, so I made my leave,
And joined a dating site in June 2008 called Midsummers' eve.

Almost straight away I came across a good looking guy,
He sounded interesting, but I didn't pm him, cos I was shy.

The next day he pm'd me, said he liked my profile, did I want to chat,
I replied yes and couldn't believe that I'd found someone as quick as that.

We found we had a lot in common and clicked straight away,
And we couldn't wait to meet each other, so arranged a suitable day.

We finally met July 21st 2008 in an open public place,
Where we sat and had coffee, a chat and looked at each other face to face.

We live 100 miles apart and he calls me everyday on his mobile phone,
To tell me how lovely I am, and to reassure me whilst living on my own.

We meet at weekends for MSE meet ups or to do our own thing,
And we're so happy together, we make each others' heart sing.

I've had one of the happiest years for a long time and we've done so much together,
We feel our love is getting stronger, that I hope will go on forever.

So I thank you Paul, for turning my life around,
Cos you're such a fantastic guy, that I can't believe I've found.

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