Cupid must have been around

From Jocelyne and Sabri, 13-Jan-2009

I (jocelyne) joined in June 2006 from Dublin. I received several messages from you saying that gentlemen from UK were interested in my profile, but ignored them as I was looking at the Irish side of the site .... until the day (early August 2006) you told me that Sabri in London was interested .... and that day I answered and contacted him.

We spend the 2 following days chatting together (nearly non stop!) & the following weekend (August 11th) and in spite of the big mess at UK airports, I had a flight to London to meet him... Cupid was obviously around!
Next month, it will be 2 1/2 years together....

As well, Last September & October we were happy to attend the weddings of friends who met Thanks to your site too! Our wedding should follow soon, of course ...

PS: I gave the site website to a friend in Ireland just today & wish him the Best Of luck & hopefully soon, the Best of Happiness..

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