It was a cold, wet, wintry night

From Elaine and John, 8-Jun-2008

The scene was cold, wet, wintry night, me on the phone bemoaning my single fate to my mum - after a catalogue of failures, I thought I was doomed to singlehood.

Ten days later I got a very simple message from a nice looking man telling me he thought I had a "pretty face" - which made me smile, so I sent back a thank you. He replied, I answered and we discovered whole acres of similar interests and ideas. We lived about 45 miles apart, which didn't bode the best, but we decided to meet up in Durham.

So on a cold January night we met up and within minutes we were chatting like old friends and cuddled up in the pub sharing a drink. We parted after a couple of hours and I drove home really quite puzzled as to whether it had been real. All I knew was that I wanted to do it again. On the Saturday we met again and went to Fountains Abbey and walked around the ruins in the twilight. We had a meal and talked into the small hours.

So after 18 months of managing 90 mile round trips to see each other, and spending time sharing interests and gelling as a family with my two daughters, we married 4 weeks ago. A tiny, but very lovely ceremony.

He is my rock and soulmate. My daughters adore him almost as much as I do. He would do anything for anyone, is the kindest and gentlest man I know. He has become the father my kids have missed out on, my best friend, and the person closest to my heart. Never shy of adventure, we have a great time together and are so glad that we met. He is my knight on a gleaming motorbike, the Wallace to my Grommit and the person I want to love and be with for the rest of my life.

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