Met my wonderful husband

From Helen, 7-Feb-2008

I met my wonderful husband Paul on this website in October 2004. After chatting for a few weeks we met up (on his birthday) and have been inseperable since. We moved in together after six months and then sold both our houses and bought a house for a new start in 2006. Paul asked me to marry him on our second anniversary of meeting and we tied the knot last November 2007.

Paul has restored my faith in men, after being cheated on for nearly ten years my confidence was knocked. I didn't know how I would ever meet someone genuine, I didn't think bars and pubs were the ideal place because everyone seems ok when you've had a few drinks. Also, most of my friends were in relationships so it would have been difficult to find someone to go out with in order to meet new people.

I didn't much fancy the idea of internet dating, after all someone could make up all sorts of unthruths about themselves and you wouldn't know. However, a good friend of mine told me one of her friends met her husband on Midsummers Eve and that she was a policwoman, nobody would be more cautious than that. It made me think that maybe I should give it ago.

Once I registered and started getting e mails from men it gave me such a boost. It was fairly easy to work out who was genuine and who wasn't by their typed conversation. After chatting to several people over a few months, I found Paul and I can't explain why but I knew he was special from his first e mail.

I would recommend Midsummerseve to anyone who is looking for love, friendship and a social life. Have faith and becareful what you read and what you say to others. There are lots of genuine people out there in the same situation as you and if it's meant to be you will find them.

Thanks to Midsummers Eve.

I can supply a couple of photographs

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