Still together 5 years on

From morwen, 4-May-2008

In 2003 I was a member and mailed another member, 'celtimade' and 5years on we are still together.

In theory we are now partners, but due to the past and current situation, we have our own houses, just 20 miles apart, but are together 2 - 4 days a week.
I think we will be selling both and buying alarger one soon, when my partner retires from nursing. I have retired, but still work part time, so having two houses suits, plus of course we do have 8 children between us, two being 6 & 10 but live with their mum, 5 miles from me.

Just thought I would record a 'success' for your wonderful service, with a big THANK YOU from both of us.

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