Engaged, can't wait to get married

From John and Rhondalynn, 20-Aug-2007


Well what can I say? joined Midsummerseve On Jan 19th 2004. I've had some nice contacts with young ladies around my age group +/- 45-50.

In the spring/summer of last year, introduced a good friend of mine Alan to this site. As he was new to the Internet, I had to write some of the first messages he sent. One was to a lady in England. He didn't have any luck at that time, so I left a resonable gap and started writting to a lady he had made contact with.

In late November 2006 I decided to write to a lady, who replied, not living in England now, I've Recently moved to Wales. As she didn't know, I already knew this after her contact with my friend Alan. This was quite funny as the 1st message came via Midsummer's Eve, then via a message she left saying can't use internet yet as conection in new house not ready, so I replied use text if you wish, her choice.

She did reply in text, phone calls, and we met Dec 14th 06, we now been together almost 9 months, engaged On June 3rd 2007, now looking for our next chapter and verse, all Thanks to Midsummer's Eve. Success come for those who wait OK, Patiants is also a bonus ... TNX xxx

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