It is the best feeling in the world!

From Steve, 13-Mar-2007

I had had quite a few dates from this site and although they were all really nice women, no one seemed to do it for me.
I had decided to not bother looking any more because I would get really down when I met some one and it did not work. Then I got a reply from a lady I had sent a message to ages before and had forgotten about. So I replied and we exchanged messages. Then we chatted on the phone and made arrangemenets to meet.
On the day we met, as soon as she got out of the car, my heart missed a beat and I knew this is her. The date was for only a coffee but we stayed for over 4 hours and had lunch together I was over the moon and although it has only been 2 weeks I am still on cloud nine and Sylvia feels the same.
So do keep trying because when it happens it is the best feeling in the world! Thank you because without being on this site I would still be alone. Good luck everyone.

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