His profile was very attractive and appealing

From Inka and Richs, 13-Feb-2007

Dear Midsummer's Eve
I thank you for meeting the love of my life.
I got introduced to Midsummer's Eve by a friend in 2003. I had been looking around and went on a few dates but I have never found any kind of "match" and slowly lost interest. After a while I only logged on if I had a message (having kept my profile activated) but "wanna chat, sexy" or "do you want to marry me" didn't do much for me - so for a while I didn't even check my messages anymore.
Richs sent me his first message on Midsummer's Eve on 15th July 2005. We exchanged several emails and chatted online and finally met (10 days later). We are together ever since. From the first email there was this "connection" and I could have not wished for a better man!
His profile was very attractive and appealing - although the "cheerful (most of the time)" should have been changed to "cheerful (except when working)" - everything else was spot on :)
Richard asked me to marry him in February 2007, the day before my birthday - and I accepted.
Thank you Midsummer's Eve
Love from Inka and Richs

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