We have known true happiness.

From Annie, 17-Aug-2006

Six and a half years ago driving home from work to make tea for myself and my kids I heard about your site on Steve Wright's 'website of the day' and tea was late as I decided to give it a go whilst I felt brave enough.
Within four weeks I had met Richard. He joined two days after me, and within six months we were married. This has been the best time of my life.
I never knew but always hoped that two people could love each other as much as we do. Right from the start we agreed to make the most of every day so even with our limited money we've travelled, had fun and he has been a wonderful and loyal friend for my children.
It was a terrible shock to discover a short time ago that Richard has a terminal illness and only has a few months to live - but we still make the most of every day no matter what and, thanks to your website, I have had the sort of true happiness that some people never know. There can be no better success story.

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