Friendship grew to romance and romance to marriage

From James & Judith Beresford, 11-Jun-2006

I joined Midsummer's Eve in 1999 after an article on Radio 2 and shortly after joining I had a very long message from Judith who lived in Luton, 50 odd miles or so from me in Reading. Quite soon we met, she thinking I was a prat for wearing socks with my sandals, but we got on really well.

I was her first partner, even though she was nearly 40, but she had devoted her life to the police and I had recovered from a divorce. Friendship grew to romance and romance to marriage on 6 October 2001.

We have had our ups and downs and family troubles but we have stuck togther and are really very happy. I had been a traveller through work and pleasure and although she had been to Australia some years earlier she had never really travelled much. So, since the wedding, We have been to Niagara Falls, Jordan (Petra), Egypt, Morocco, all the Canaries, been on two cruises, travelled all over the UK, have converted her to a Francophile (particularly Languedoc-Rousillon) and we are off to Spain this year.

We are very happy to send you photos but would also like to say that we really did find true love in a wonderful dating site that beats all the rest hands down.

James & Judith Beresford

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