It was just a name that caught her eye.

From Bootylicious, 25-Apr-2006

I had been single for almost 3 years when a close friend told me to try internet dating. At first I was a bit dubious but decided to give it a go.
I tried a site that was really expensive and was telling a colleague at work who had previously told me she spent time in chat rooms etc. My colleague recommended Midsummer's Eve as it was free. I had been on Midsummer's Eve for about 8 months and had a couple of dates but things did not work out.

I left my job to start University and did not go on the site for about 4 months. One day, I was typing an essay up on my PC and decided to log on to the site. I looked at the new members list and decided to send a message to a guy who's name had caught my eye. He did not have a photograph uploaded and neither did I. We sent a couple of emails to each other and discussed Uni as he had just finished a Masters degree. After a couple of days Andy emailed me and said he was going away for a few weeks on holiday and he would email me when he got back.

After Andy's holiday we found out that we lived in the same city. Following further investigation we discovered we lived about 2 minutes away from each other!

We decided to meet up even though we had not exchanged photographs and discovered that we really fancied each other. That was in November 2004 and, having been together almost 18 months, we are hoping to set up home together next year when I have finished studying!

Thank you.

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