He's like a dream come true

From Kim, 20-Feb-2006

Dear Midsummer's Eve,
I joined in Oct because I was tired of the pub scene. I didn't really expect much but thought it would be fun. Me and yorkshire lad joined about the same time and we excanged a few emails, then we got brave and phoned each other every night for about a month!
We used to talk for about 3 hours a night and decided to meet on November 11th. I travelled down to York by train, supposedly for the day only we got on so well we spent 3 days together. I go to his house every weekend by train and he brings me back by car and, on tuesday, we are off to Italy for 5 days.
All I can say is that he's like a dream come true - I never thought when I joined that we'd come this far. Thank you very much for your site.

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