Thought it would never happen

From tony&carol, 20-Jan-2006

It had been a while since I had had a proper relationship.
My brother had persuaded me to log in on your website. So I did, got talking to a few women, getting friendly but nothing really happening. Then carol messaged me on the off chance because she was getting a bit down having no messages for a while.
I didnt know if I should reply or not because I was a bit nervous. This was at the beginning of May. I did reply, after the thought of meeting someone different got the better of me, and we exchanged messages for a few weeks.
We agreed to meet at the cinema on May 25th 2005 and we got on well that night. The rest they say is history!
We have been living together for a few months and now we are buying a bigger house to accomodate us, my two daughters and Carol's daughter, as things are moving quite well. We will have to see if anything else is going to happen.

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