He has captured my heart

From Patticee, 15-Jan-2006

I have got my boss Mark to thank for my happy ending. He gave me the address for this site when I was feeling really down and lonely after my husband died last year.
I sent in my profile and had quite a few reply's off some very nice people, but one in particular caught my eye and now he has captured my heart as well.
His name is Paul and he lives in Canada. We began emailing each other, one thing led to another and he turned up on my doorstep in November. I was feeling pretty nervous I can tell you, but we hit it off straight away. He invited me back to Canada so I went out on 27th Dec and returned yesterday 14th January. I had an absolutely wonderful time out there, so much in fact that I intend to sell up and move over there.
Thankyou Midsummer's Eve for finding me my dream man. Paul, I love you very much and can't wait to be with you.
Oh and by the way, my boss Mark met his future wife Jessica here, they are getting married in May, so good luck and thankyou Mark!!!

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