She would not have wanted me to be alone

From Sapphireblue, 18-Oct-2005

I have tried every thing to find that some one special to click with. Have had heartaches on the way. Dated and lost as well.
I was divorced 7 years ago and three years ago met a lady on Udate and we were together for 8 months and were engaged to be married but 10 days before we were due to marry she had a car accident coming home late at night and never made it back. She lost her life after a four hour battle in Winchester Hospital.
I decided that she would not have wanted me to be alone so tried speed dates and then Midsummer's Eve. I have met someone who I hope will be my future and, after two months, we have dated on a weekly basis and are planning ahead new dates all the time.
Even a holiday together next year so hope that all will be well now. This may end up with marrrage in time and a life of desired happiness. I pray it is so. Thanks Msn.
Will leave this open and may send in an update. Take care everyone.

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