Thank you for bringing Lyndsay into my life

From lonely boy and Lyndz, 19-Sep-2005

I would like to thank Midsummer's Eve for bringing Lyndsay into my life - I couldn't have wished for a happier ending (well actually, a happier beginning).
We were first aware of each other through threads in the common room, which progressed onto emails, msn and then phonecalls. We finally met in February this year, and instantly hit it off.
We spend as much time as possible together now, and took a weeks holiday in Turkey (photo to follow) in May. I am now in the process of moving from Leicester to Essex to begin the rest of our lives living together.
I would like to thank Lyndsay for giving me a chance, and seeing something within me I had been unaware of for a long time - LOVE.
Thank you again Midsummer's Eve.

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