We haven't looked back!

From Andy, 3-Sep-2005

The first time I had a message from Jan on Midsummer's Eve was actually about a year before we met. We were both no strangers to internet dating, having found it a good way to meet people. Being with someone at the time, I responded saying that I was in a relationship, so I wished her lots of luck in finding the perfect partner. But, she was nothing if not persistent.
A few months on, I found myself single again, and after joining the site once again, I was delighted to get another message from Jan. This time, we exchanged a few emails, then telephone calls, and eventually met for a meal at a little pub, one Sunday lunchtime in March. We were attracted to each other right from the start and at that first meeting we talked for ages, finding a bond developing between us. We met again, and then again, going out to the cinema, for movies, and days out, and gradually we became a lot closer.
We had a lot of similarities, an appreciation for music and the arts, a love of family life, and a shared sense of humour. The next big step in our relationship was when Jan landed a job very close to where I live, and over the summer, we felt it was right for us to move in together.
Since that time we haven't looked back. We've been doing a lot around the house, making it into a home that we can both share and enjoy, and we've carried on enjoying each others company on days out and shared experiences. We are so very deeply in love, and are convinced that this time we've both made a match that's going to last for a lifetime. So, a big thank you to Midsummer's Eve for bringing us together, we owe you more than we can possibly say.
Lots of love and thanks,
Andy and Jan

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