Something clicked!

From Jane and John, 4-Jul-2005

I had been on Midsummer's Eve for approximately 4 years and had met some nice people on there but was almost giving up the idea of meeting my soul mate. After contacting Jane on Midsummer's Eve, we exchanged a few e-mails and then agreed to meet some days later at a restraunt near to where Jane lives. It was LOVE at first sight - something clicked and we couldn't take our eyes off each other.
I would have never believed that such a thing could happen but it has. The second date was a picnic at a nearby beauty spot and then we knew that this was it. Unfortunately, I had to go abroad to work for 3 months but we have been in contact constantly and have both now agreed that we want to spend the rest of lives together. Jane will be coming out to where I am working for a weeks vacation and I have planned a romantic dinner by the sea where I will propose properly.
Thank you Midsummer's Eve for making this possible. We are so grateful. Please relay to your members this message - don't give up as there is someone out there for you.
Many thanks John

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