We connected on-line

From Kitty-whiskers, 15-Apr-2005

'Kitty-whiskers' (me) and 'Jamie24' met on Midsummer's Eve on June 25th
2002. After emailing and chatting through MSN messenger for a couple of
weeks we finally met up for a first date on the 13th July. We never looked
back. Two weeks after that we knew we wanted to be together. We moved in
together, got married in october 2003, and now are expecting our first
child, this coming october (2005). Neither of us ever expected to meet
someone so perfect through the internet, so we feel so lucky. Midsummer's Eve's
Eve allows you to get to know someone on a deeper level than ordinary
dating. For some reason emailing and messenger allows you to say things
that you might never be able to face-to-face. I think that's why we fell
in love so quickly. We literaly connected on-line.

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