I would not have met this great guy.

From Jo Alexander, 21-Feb-2005

I was always dubious about internet dating as you hear so many horror stories! However, a friend of mine met a really nice man who seems to be ideal for her, so she convinced me to add my details to the site.

After receiving many messages along the same lines, I evenutally received one from a guy that lived not far from myself, that stood out from the crowd. This time I decided to respond, and after many messages, emails and texts I agreed to meet up with him.

We've only been seeing each other for a very short time but he is totally different from anyone I have ever met before. He is kind, gentle, honest and intelligent (and I have to say good-looking!). I can completely be myself with him and I feel I have nothing to prove. We can (and do) talk and talk for hours!
I decided not long after I met him that I no longer needed Midsummer's Eve so removed myself from the site. I don't know what the future holds, but I know I would like him to be a part of mine, so "Thank You" Midsummer's Eve, without you I would not have met this great guy, even though he's only a few minutes away!

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