We are so happy to have found each other

From Lorna, 1-Feb-2005

Sitting one lonely night at my computer surfing around with a large glass of wine - a Friday night I might add - and came across this site. Had a large glass of wine already and, half way down the next one, decided to write out a profile of myself and what I was looking for in a man - for a laugh! A bit tongue in cheek, but I gave the "basic requirements".
Two days later, and sober, I took a look at the site - I had some replies!!! To cut a long story short I dated a couple of blokes, which came to nothing. However, I have to thank Roger, because he said, "Post a picture. You will get more replies when they know what you look like!!" Okay so did that. Got a few more replies, but didn't fancy any to date with.
But then, got a photo of John. I remember asking my daughter "what about this one?" "alright", was the reply. John and I got chatting for a few weeks, and I eventually threw down the gauntlet and told him to ring me "if he dared!". He did, two days later.
We met, we talked, we dated, we went steady, we went on holiday together, we met the families, we moved in together, we shared a bank account. We now share a motorhome and two cats. We have our ups and downs of course, but we are so happy to have found each other at this latish stage of the game.
It is all down to Midsummer's Eve, and no one else. We would NEVER have met in a lifetime. We have been together since 2001, and expect to be so for the duration. Thank you Midsummer's Eve.

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