We proved the evidence so wrong!

From twigletto, 18-Jan-2005

After a fairly short time of looking and meeting some lovely people, Fred and I met. It would appear that we were incompatible from all the indicators and evidence.. but we weren't.
We met in May and attempted to take it easy, only meeting twice a week. By July, we wanted to see more of each other and, by September, Fred moved into my house.
We had a month apart in mid June/July whilst he travelled, and this consolidated how much we meant to each other! TRULY MADLY DEEPLY!!!!
I had spent nine years on my own before hand, believing that being on my own was best, and independance = queen. I am now sorry that I wasted so much time but glad I waited for him to turn up - he is my absolute soulmate and I adore him. He tells me I am delightful so hey.... thank heavens for Midsummer's Eve!
He doesnt want a picture as is too modest and private, so imagine two very happy smiling faces here, very happy .:}

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