From distraction to attraction.

From Ruth57, 27-Oct-2004

Where do I start? Have been meaning to send this in for a while.
After my husband walked out in 2001 I was very down. A friend persuaded me to try your site, as much to lift my spirits as to find a new partner.
She was right. I had a wonderful time exchanging messages and then meeting some lovely people. Anyway I found this profile of a guy not too far away geographically, who sounded fun. He was younger than I was looking for, said he was new to the area, and looking for someone to go to the theatre with etc. I thought, well, why not, it would keep me amused while I decided what I wanted from life.
We met, hit it off at once and saw quite a bit of each other. We agreed it could never be serious, were looking for different things in life. He wanted a woman to have babies with, I wanted a good time, and my health problems precluded having further kids.
I am sure you have guessed how it goes. After about six months of seeing each other and saying it could not get serious we both realised that we were crazy about each other. We got engaged this summer on Mont San Michel in Brittany, watched by my two teenage daughters and about 1,000 Japanese tourists.
I would say to anyone who is lonely to give this a try, what have you got to lose?

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