Hope you are all as lucky as we have been!

From gary and Chrissie, 21-Sep-2004

We both met after being introduced to Midsummer's Eve by respective friends, about a month later we started nessaging and eventually plucked up the courage to meet for lunch one saturday in March 2003. Sounds corney to say it was love at first sight but it was pretty much to the extent I was invited to a family party that night and met them all!
We got engaged a year later on the anniversary of our meet and have made our wedding plans for march next year. We are getting married in St. Lucia in the Caribbean. I still come on to exchange messages on the ladies forum as I have made some good friends on there. We will send another photo when we get married.
Good luck to everyone else, hope you are all as lucky as we have been!
Garym and ladyinred

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