I have not stopped saying

From Kate48 & Ian11, 22-Jul-2004

I was almost ready to give up internet dating. I had met some very nice people although there was never the "Wow" factor. I rejoined Midsummer's Eves after a time away, and within a short time was contacted by a gentleman who to my surprise lived only a few minutes away from me.
The night we met March 16th i got ready for the date with no great expectations, until he arrived to pick me up. I have not stopped saying "Wow" since. I instinctivley knew he was the part of me that was missing.
From that day, we have been together as a couple, met each others family, and are making plans for a fortnight's holiday in September. Life is now magic, and I can not thank Midsummer's Eve enough for bringing this happiness into our lives. Ian and I both feel we have been given another chance for happiness through your site.
From Kate48 & Ian11

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