wonderoushen Female (61) from Gwynedd

I'm a medieval history graduate, who's currently unemployed instead of running my own business due to the recession.
I like cats and occaisionally like to lie on my back and wave my paws in the air.
I have 2 grown up kids with 1 in Australia with 2 grandkids.
I hate writing these things I always worry that I will look mad or boring instead of eccentric and interesting.
I a pagan, but not of the yogurt weaving variety and definatley not a tofu welder either. Look on the Urban Dictionary for deffinitions of these terms if your'e unfamilair with them.
People who are a bit left field and hippyish. I don't like these make a shopping list things, I want someone who can bring something new to my life and not confine myself to what I know I like. I want someone extraordinary to do ordinary things with. Someone to go to museums and exhibitions and holidays and stuff with.

Basic facts icon About me

I'm 61 years old and come from Gwynedd in the United Kingdom. I'm single with two children. I'm 5' 10" tall and of average build. I'm a smoker and I drink occasionally. I'm here for friendship.

Detailed facts icon My detailed facts

Hair colour Blonde
Hair style Short
Eyes Hazel
Glasses For reading only
Tattoos None
Piercings One or two - discreet
Attractiveness Don't know
Ethnicity White - British
Education University
Job Unemployed
Income No income/benefits
Smoking Light cigarette smoker
Drinking Special occasions only
Drugs Light user - cannabis
Food Vegetarian
Politics Independent thinker
Religion Other
Practising Yes
Children 2
More children I don't want to have (more) children

Hobbies and interests icon My hobbies and interests

Cooking I love to cook and can cook anything except chinese/asian which I don't like.
Shopping I like food shopping, I hate clothes shopping as being tall everythings to short.
DIY I can decorate and do some stuff, but never let me near electricity. I can also build a dry stone wall.
Housework I like to keep a clean and tidy house, but not one where people feel they can't put a cup down for fear of marking a coaster.
Dining out I like to eat out but don't very often, I like Italian and Indian, but I'm quite fussy about restuarants, I won't go to places where I come out thinking 'I could of bought that in Iceland for 99p and heated it up myself'.
Movies I'm not a huge fan of going to the cinema, but I like films such as Sin City, Forbidden Kingdom and watch pretty much anything except romcom.
Theatre Definately no theatre, freaks me right out
Music Reggae, Mackabee, I Jah Man
Ambient, Shpongle
Nitin Sawnwey, Talvin Singh
Gigs I'm not much of a pub fan and I like going to some gigs, but I'm a bit of a noise avoider. I never see the point of stadium shows as you end watching it on telly so you might as well wait for the dvd.
Pubs Not really a pub person, don't mind occaisionally but I don't want my whole social life to revolve around it.
Clubbing Not sure I can stay awake long enough to go clubbing anymore.
Newspapers and magazines Gaurdian or Independant
Books I like crime fiction, mostly historical, really I read crap fiction and text books.
TV Cop shows, (NCIS Law and Order)
The News
Some comedy shows
wildlife programmes
Boston Legal
Watching sport If sport dropped off the edge of the planet the only way I'd notice is that programs I want to watch wouldn't be taken off for a few weeks to cater to sport.
Playing sport No
Hobbies medieval history and the history of early medicine.
Single malt whisky
gardening, especially vegetables
Things that can only be mentioned after the watershed
Genneral weird Fortean Times stuff

Hopes and dreams icon My hopes and dreams

In ten years I see myself I don't make long term plans, I prefer to make desicions as the need arises. I prefer sponteniety.
Thats a bit to much like a plan for me to be thinking ahead 10 years, I think I'd like to be alive, happy and healthy.
Who would I invite to a dinner party? Elizabeth the first, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Avicenna
My ideal date I don't know, supprise me.
What would I never, ever give up? My friends, because their my friends.
My animals
If I had to give a speech on a subject I was passionate about ... I have so many opinions about so many things picking one would be almost impossible, at the momment it would be something like sorting out the economy and the Middle East. I like listening to the opinions of others too.
If I could visit anywhere in the world at any time in history The Arab World of the early medieval, as there was just so much happening and compared to Europe it was so civilised.
If I had a million pounds to give to charity Medicene San Frontier
My "and finally" section ... Some people say I'm a bit mad, but in a good way, not the eyepopping scary way. And I'm a complete technoklutz so don't expect anything fancy like instant messaging. I've crashed a digital egg timer before! See I'm really that good.

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