The_Jewess_Rebecca Female (56) from Herefordshire

Sometime Beauty seeking Beast - pre or post redemption.

- no longer turning heads but not yet turning
- fit but not lycra clad;
- able to understand the apostrophe if not the
off-side rule;
- a lover of Ska with an impulse to dance;
- professional but home is my natural habitat;
- Cancerian domestic control freak tendencies but
with insight;
- not avaricious or interested in status;
- unimpressed by conspicuous consumption, I
make do and mend and have a fondness for skip
- able to see why Dumbo is poignant, Shakespeare
is great, satire is funny and poetry significant;
- loyal, open and warm by nature; acerbic when
necessary but not in a plate hurling way;
- resilient and tenacious but not invulnerable;
- not bad at Scrabble;
- no nightdresses
- good cook and have never set foot in McAr$eholes;

No granite jaw, rippling biceps or massive bank balance necessary, just an intelligent, mature sort of man with some warmth, wit and integrity who could stretch my mind, make me laugh, warm my bed, be a harbour in storms and bother to meet me on the platform.

No sex pests, control freaks, train or anything else spotters or collectors, Virgoans, lovers of large, vulgar cars (with or without personalised number plates). Neither do I have any impulse to skate board across Venezuela or watch a DVD of the sun rising over Siberia with a glass of red in front of a roaring log f...... ZZZzzzzz

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I'm 56 years old and come from Herefordshire in the United Kingdom. I'm divorced with two children. I'm 5' 9" tall and I'd describe myself as slim. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for friendship.

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