terry Male (68) from West Yorkshire

A bit about me:
Old, grizzled and tired. I'm bald, have a big belly, am toothless and have a beard and am penniless so my days of appearing like some suave debonair secret agent are well passed.
I like dogs.
I try to like people.
I prefer the bleakness of open moorland, but find mountains and woodlands beautiful though lacking in their ability to calm the soul.
Most people seek power, wealth or position......I seek nothing but what makes me feel at peace with myself.

Someone once told me how a strangers smile and "Good morning" changed their life, made them want to continue living...smile at someone today, you might just save a life.

Perhaps if a song could sum us up, for me I suppose it would be Nanci Griffith's 'Late Night Grande Hotel'

What am I looking for?
The enthusiasm to do something.
If I've looked at your profile or sent you a message don't panic, I'm just being polite - you know - that ancient custom.

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I'm 68 years old and come from West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. I'm divorced with two children. I'm 5' 8" tall and of cuddly build. I'm a smoker and I drink occasionally. I'm here for friendship and hobbies and interests.

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