SandyBeach Male (65) from Lincolnshire

I am of average build, mature (I think), and well spoken and well mannered. I do not smoke, and only drink occasionally (usually brandy or real ale (dark bitter) if I do).

I enjoy some theatre, UK travel, and historic places of interest in the UK. I hardly ever watch television, I much prefer listening to music, everything from Abba to ZZ Top and lots more in between. I have many and varied hobbies.

I think I have a fairly good sense of humour, I am open minded on most things. I like cats too, not into dogs, however I do not detest them. My favourite colour is lilac/mauve/purple.

So, I am looking for friendship, but will always be open to offers. You never know what is round the next corner. You should note, that I have an active interest in cross-dressing, and transvestism and have been known to dress as a woman, (as best as I can), but don't all that regularly these days. I am also a naturist - I put clothes on because I have to go outside.
Soul-mate, that's a funny saying isn't it, but maybe someone who will share my hobbies (love me, love my hobbies), maybe even to share the rest of my life and personal times too. I am not looking to raise another family, I already have one that's all grown up now and off my hands. Someone to talk to, good conversation.

You will need to be very understanding to cope with my lifestyle. Want to know why? Ask me, I'll answer truthfully. Good at housework, I do tidy up behind myself (no-one else will). I don't bite either and will always answer PM's. I also know how to operate a washing machine and an iron too! I can also do a bit of cooking.

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I'm 65 years old and come from Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom. I'm divorced with four children. I'm 5' 6" tall and of average build. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for friendship and hobbies and interests.

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