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Although I lead a simple, carefree and uncomplicated life here in my glorious West Dorset world, I welcome meeting an inquisitive, bright or complicated mind.

I can get quite wide eyed and immersed while encouraging a conversation to shift upwards to a more exotic or left-field nature.

I'm fascinated with the origins of life, the prehistory of humanity, ancient philosophy, pioneers of history, concepts of time, the development of robots and machine sentience and the impending colonizing of Mars which I have a modest commercial interest in seeing materialise.


I love ancient and local history, photography, cycling, walking, angling and writing and live just minutes away from, I'd claim, one of the most spectacular places on earth. The fabulous West Dorset Jurassic Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage site spanning 95 miles of breathtaking, prehistoric, coastline.

Set against the fantastic ocean backdrop of Lyme Bay, my local cliffs lie like scattered books, their ancient pages either layered or fanned open revealing strata, rocks and fossils recording 185 million years of Earth's history, some of the best parts of which lie just a short cycle ride across the fields from Beach cottage.

What I’m doing with my life?

If the mackerel are shoaling or I need to earth with nature or the fab coastline just minutes from home, I head to the shore or cliffs on one of four rebuilt electric bikes to remind myself just how wonderful it is to be alive.

Best time of the day? 5am. Cycling to Eype beach with the sun and a spring tide over my shoulder, trekking the hard packed sand 800 metres West along an unsullied, natural foreshore.

UDATE: I've got prostate cancer now, as of Sept 21, so romance is firmly off the agenda.
I'm seeking an intellectual or interesting girl / woman.

Authentic. Fun. Erudite. Outdoorsy.

Do I have a character type?

Yes. I mean. Who wants to date for mere companionship? Who wants to woo or settle for routine good company? (There is a time and a place for that sort of a relationship - in a future I'm just not ready for yet).

Being bright, smart or intellectual is a turn on. I mean, cerebrally, I'm attracted to scientists, teachers, archaeologists or any female archetype depicting a quizzical, probing or creative mind.

Character wise, I'm drawn to spiritual souls pursuing either a green or Pagan / Wiccan lifestyle. Geeky or a bit eccentric is fine also.

Emotionally, I'm attracted to stoical characters who have had adventures or challenges they enjoy relating or sharing through their own honesty, wisdom or humour.

However ... I steer clear of fashionistas, ladies who lunch or humans pursuing superficial social agendas, either online or in real life and while pondering such topics, having "been there, done that and bought the T shirt" myself, I'm no longer enamoured by ambitious folk fiercely ploughing their career in yoke or harness.

In my case, being successful, (while an extra-ordinary experience), eventually brought me loss and heartache rather than rich harvest so today, after more than 10 years rebuilding and, ironically, re-inventing myself, importantly, I now embrace the fact that little things like happiness, good health and peace of mind knock material rewards way out into the long grass.

Basic facts icon About me

I'm 65 years old and come from Dorset in the United Kingdom. I'm single with two children. I'm 6' 0" tall and I have an athletic build. I don't smoke and I don't drink. I'm here for friendship.

Detailed facts icon My detailed facts

Hair colour White/grey
Hair style Short
Eyes Hazel
Glasses Yes
Facial hair Clean shaven
Tattoos One or two - discreet
Piercings None
Attractiveness Gorgeous
Ethnicity White - British
Education University
Job Professional
Income High income
Smoking Ex-smoker
Drinking Completely teetotal
Drugs In my past
Food Red meat all the way
Politics Independent thinker
Religion Other
Practising Yes
Children 2
More children I don't want to have (more) children

Hobbies and interests icon My hobbies and interests

Cooking .
Shopping .
Housework .
Dining out .
Movies .
Theatre .
Music .
Gigs .
Pubs .
Clubbing .
Newspapers and magazines .
Books .
TV .
Watching sport .
Playing sport .
Hobbies .

Hopes and dreams icon My hopes and dreams

In ten years I see myself .
Who would I invite to a dinner party? .
My ideal date .
What would I never, ever give up? .
If I had to give a speech on a subject I was passionate about ... .
If I could visit anywhere in the world at any time in history .
If I had a million pounds to give to charity .
My "and finally" section ... .

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