mikestyle Male (65) from Warwickshire

I thought Id better be polite
and not talk cr"p or even shi&e
Im just a man who likes a laff
but never ever makes a gaff
or ever undersells myself
I am a veritable cheeky elf

But 6' 1 of powerful stuff
is too much & will make you blush
if you are a Ms or Miss or Mrs
beware of my erotic kisses
or if your'e frightened you must go
as all my actions are below

Oh My I hear you cry out loud
he wants me in front of a crowd
all tied up and innocent
he is a rather sexy gent
but "no" you cad I hear you say
Its the wrong week!!
Oh Bu&&er-Dismay

Im pi55ed off with DIY
Im just another horny guy
but at least I do admit it
The real thing does beat a biscuit
I'm really not a crank
But nothing really beats a......

Im sure that you will disagree
I'll laugh with you
you laugh with me
'cause all I got is a massive peni5
and men are from Mars and Women from Venus!!

I 'spose that there should be a moral
for all you women in a position
It's rather easy for me to spout
but you will have guessed by now
that we just dont rhyme together
Roses are Red Violets are Yellow lol

There is a game called 20 toes
It's played all over town
The girls play it with 10 toes up
the boyss with 10 toes down

Read with a BIG PINCH of salt.
Tactile man (hands everywhere)
Polite (rude beyond imagination)
Confident (expects sex)
Larger than life (overweight)
Big (small)
Cheerful disposition (alcoholic)
Happy go lucky (selfish)
Life & soul of the party (strips when drunk)
Likes children (prefers a curry)
GSOH (always laughs at others misfortunes)
Sentimental (doesnt give a fig)
Loving (wants sex every night)
Regular guy (goes twice a day)
Likes animals (beef, pork, lamb)
Trustworthy & honourable (fancies ur mate)
Taking Dog for a walk.........

last but not least, good fun to be with...
when I eventually get home.....
A happy life !

Holding hands (sex)
Cuddles (sex)
Hugs (sex)
Good cook (sex in kitchen)
Companion (sex at any time of day)
GSOH (dont laugh if I leave my socks on)
About 50 ish (25 & built)
Hair colour any (Blonde)
Walks in the country (sex outdoors)
Travelling (sex in car)
Holidays abroad (sex in far away places)
Dogging, NO, sorry, dog walking partner

Last but not least "a good woman" never says no to sex....

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I'm 65 years old and come from Warwickshire in the United Kingdom. I'm separated with no kids. I'm 6' 1" tall and of average build. I'm a smoker and I drink occasionally. I'm here for dating and friendship.

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