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Isn't it hard to try and put over 52 years of life and living in a short space of time and not sound either full of oneself or paranoid. Difficult decision that, not keen on either and as I don't lie, don't do grey, I best be honest.

The story of Me so far....short version.

I was born in Stechford Birmingham 6th March 1962, I have one sister, Rebecca. I was born a Brummie and don't worry I most certainly don't have the accent although Beccy who has lived in Switzerland for the last eight years, is married to a Swiss man and works for a Swiss company, really does. It's quite funny at times, I expected her to have dropped it but she still says, "hi Mart, ow ar ya ower kid" when answering the phone, frightening eh! My Father never was one for branching out in his career so I kind of ended up in B'ham most of my formative years, much to my annoyance. I love the sea and my happy times as a child were spent on holiday in Christchurch walking my dog along the beach looking for shells, I was a loner and enjoyed my own company, until I came across girls in my teens...Wow, the dog grew fat!

Did all the usual teenage things except travel, my family were not in the position to pay and gap years were not invented for comp school kids. Yes I could have worked, but my parents were very strict and did not want me doing paper rounds etc. I married young at 25, but I soon understood we, okay I, was too young, I hadn't seen life and loved her like a sister, we spilt up and never saw each other again. Since then I have had a series of long term relationships and yes, I have been very hurt but yes I have moved on.

I am a tall 'ish guy, 6ft 4ch to be exact with light coloured hair, blue eyes and I do have my own teeth, I would describe myself a reasonably well built but who would not. So what do I do? Well I work in the Legal world but enough of all that boring stuff. Moved back to the Midlands after 18 months in Suffolk and I know I made the right decision. So, "oh no there is more?" I hear you scream, or do you want me to stop...??????

I'm not moody, in fact I hate moods, don't sulk and don't lie... okay only to the tax man!

I enjoy my friends, great food, good company but most of all I miss the companionship of a lady who is my best friend first, whatever transpires after, is a bonus. Anyway, I had better go before my fingers drop off. Thanks you very much for taking the time to read all of this, if you decide that you don't wish to pursue contact then let me give you my sincere good luck with your search, if on the other hand you feel that you wish to know more, then please drop me a line.

I guess you'll be off

Finally, just a thought. For my part, life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out shouting "Woo Hoo what a ride."

So I would like:-
1) A woman (preferably my age group)
2) Who is normal (I want proof!)
3) Honesty (I want 3 references, photo ID, family tree dating back to 16th Century and a DNA sample)
4) And a lady that wants all of the above and more!

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I'm 58 years old and come from the West Midlands in the United Kingdom. I'm single with no kids. I'm 6' 4" tall and of average build. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for dating.

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