Madness102 Female (67) from South Yorkshire

Music is my first love, though not to the exclusion of everything else. I play several instruments: Bodhran, Penny Whistle, Piano, Triangle, all very badly since I do not practice enough (I go out!). I Swim, though not in the sea. I do modern jive, in the Winter only. I dabble in scrabble sometimes (at clubs), I read (at home) and go to the theatre, usually local amateur dramatics groups which are much cheaper than going to local theatres or London, even. I used to Roller Skate often. I sometimes Ice Skate.
I would like to meet new friends and try new activities and generally have fun!
I would like to try: Air Hockey, (anyone know where there is a table for this?), Bar Biliards, Darts, Tiddlywinks and Go~Karting. Any other suggestions gratefully received!
I like to think I am easy going. I am a little eccentric. I definitely "do daft" (my photo shows me wearing a pyjama jacket but listen, it IS a jacket, right?). I am a leader not a follower, for example, I had my first mobile phone in 1991, of course it was as big as a house phone (large), and everyone thought I was mad, (but hey, who has NOT got one now?). In 2004, I put my house on the market privately on the internet and friends thought I was crazy, but I believe that in, say, 10 years' time no one will use estate agents again! (time will tell). I am a little tom-boyish, but definitely straight.
I do not dress merely to be fashionable.
I am small, petite build (with a little belly fat!!) and only 5 feet tall. I do not smoke, I am teetotal and only drink fruit squashes to be social. I have no pets, their hair irritates me, not exactly an allergy but a bit of an irritation.
I have probably become a little selfish, after my ex left and my one daughter has flown, having a house of my own and living alone.
"I will try anything twice", "Everything in Moderation", "No Regrets" and "Think outside the Box" are adages I try to follow.
I am not very adventurous with food, I could never eat snails or frogs' legs. I dont cook much - I make sarnies, or microwave a meal, or eat out (fish and chips!!!) On the look~out for a chef!!! (just joking). I do not have a television (I go out!).
I want the opportunity to meet friends socially at first, with option to move on. Also to do/try some daft (or even sensible) things which would have to be cheap!
Sun-reading beer-swilling foul-swearing gob-spitting yobs! Men (and women, but it's usually men) who take up one and a half seats on the bus or train and expect you to sit on only half a seat.
People who have no consideration for others. The "F" word (thats approx. 20 blokes kicking a little ball around a field). People who do not know the difference between their sleeve, finger and a tissue (or handkerchief).

I like tall men, Bearded men, any facial hair, but it must be kept neat and tidy (I hope you guys are taking notes!!) People with a sense of adventure who do not sit in and watch TV every night.


There is not anything I would change, except to say that the situation regarding on-line Estate Agents is definitely moving nearer to eradicating high street Agents. Perhaps there will always be some, but the internet is taking over everywhere!!

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I'm 67 years old and come from South Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. I'm single with one child. I'm 5' 0" tall and I'd describe myself as slim. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for friendship and hobbies and interests.

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