ladyofmystery Female (54) from the Borders

Hate this part. I'm easygoing, but game for a laugh. Can be quiet when I've got something on my mind but hey who isn't. Not as energetic as I once was, but I do enjoy taking my 2 dogs out for a trek through the country.
Someone who is honest and can see past dirst impressions And who understands how important family is. I would like to start off as friends and maybe see if it leads anywhere?? Ps photo to follow soon.

Basic facts icon About me

I'm 54 years old and come from the Borders in the United Kingdom. I'm divorced with one child. I'm 5' 0" tall and of average build. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for dating and friendship.

Detailed facts icon My detailed facts

Hair colour Blonde
Hair style Long
Eyes Blue
Glasses No
Tattoos Three or more - discreet
Piercings None
Attractiveness Don't know
Ethnicity White - British
Education Rather not say
Job Rather not say
Income Super-rich!
Smoking Social-only cigarette smoker
Drinking Socially only
Drugs Never
Food Red meat all the way
Politics Rather not say
Religion Christian
Practising Sometimes
Children 1
More children I don't want to have (more) children

Hobbies and interests icon My hobbies and interests

Cooking I love to cook, there isn't a nicer feeling than seeing the enjoyment when somene is eating something you have prepared. I especially like to cook traditional meals. Getting hungry now!!!
Shopping I must be the only female on eagqth that actually doesnt enjoy shopping, if you can get in and out as quick as possible that suits me fine. Internet shopping is a godsend.
DIY Must admit I'm a bit of a DIY disaster, I have the great idea to put a shelf up, but it is hanging off the wall and squint. Hopeless!
Housework I usf to be really houseproud until a couple of years ago when I was really ill and stuck in bed for several weeks unable to do anyjhing, not one person noticed how messy the house is. So now I do a bit everyday instead of doing it all at once and you know what my house is stilj standing even tho it might need a dust or a hoover.
Dining out My favourite thing of all is eating out, I love most types of food but I think Italian, nope Indian no Chinese oh what the heck I just like food.
Movies Havent been to the movies for a ew years but used to love going to see a good action film, Fast & the Furious that kinda thing. I'm not really into romantic cheesy type movies.
Theatre Again really like the theatre but havent been in a few years.
Music Rock music is my passion, altho never ask me to sing (I can shatter glass, I'm that bad),I like most types of music anything that gets my feet tapping.
Gigs Gigs, Bon Jovi up in Glasgow was the last big gig I went to, but my daughter(23), has a lot to do with the local music scene here so I occassionally tag along to them.
Pubs Nothing better than a night out at the local, fine wine, fine company and then a kebab on the way home.,,, great
Clubbing My clubbing days are well in the past I'm afraid, besides .I've got two left feet when it comes to dancing. So maybe just as well.
Newspapers and magazines Dn't read papers much as they have a tendency to get stories wrng or they blow them way out of proportion with wild exaggerations. Oops sorry for the rant. Mags are alright but dont't make a habit of buying them.
Books Another of my passions, I love a good phsycological thriller that keeps yov on edge of your seat until the last page. Reading an old tauy copy of Tess Gertissons' .The Surgeon just now. Read it before but enjoyed it so much the first time I decided to give it another go.
TV Watching "The Returned" on Netflix jurgt now, creepy. Libe police dramas ontv not really a soap fan but don't mind if you are.
Watching sport Rugby,I really enjoy watching altho don't know much about the rules. I also used to travel up to Knockhill for the motorbike and sidecar racing.
Playing sport Not a player of sport, might have something to do with having two left feet. I really admire people who can stick to a regime like traing for teams and other sporting activities.
Hobbies I collect anything elephant related ornaments, andles, cuddly toys, jewellery... you name it I've probably got it!!

Hopes and dreams icon My hopes and dreams

In ten years I see myself Rich.. Honestly to be happy and healthy and to know that my family are ok is all I really want. Altho the numbers for the next lotto would be a gratefully accepted bonus!!!
Who would I invite to a dinner party? As I'm such a big horror fan I thinh I would have to invite Bram Stoker. For a bit of comedic relief Billy Connelly would be my next guest. Finally a bit of music to keep the ambience alive so I would need to ask Freddy Mercury along.
My ideal date Haven't got a clue, hopefully the person taking me would have some good ideas. I'm not into big lavish Hollywood productions. A trip to the seaside, cce-cream and then fish and chips at a qub somewhere. Nice and simple.
What would I never, ever give up? Its two things really, I'd never give up my family or my friends for any reason. They are what keeps me sane, I couldn't survive without them in my life.
If I had to give a speech on a subject I was passionate about ... Thats a hard one, there are quite a few subjects that I am really passionate about but I think the most important one is probably the government cutting funds to the NHS and the Armed Forces.
If I could visit anywhere in the world at any time in history I would love to have travelled with Marco Polo along the Ppice route to Mongolia and resided in Koblah Khans palace.An0interesting period in Eastern history.
If I had a million pounds to give to charity I would have to spkit it 5 ways. A fifth to the SPCA( animal charity), a fifth to the World Wildlife Fund, another fifth to Children First (for kids at risk). I would donate another fifth to MacMillan Nurses to say thank you for the wonderful care and support they gave my Dad, finally the NKF National Kidney Foundation) for personal reasons.
My "and finally" section ... I'm more than happy to chat to anyone who wants to get in touch, but if you are looking for a whirlwind romance you won't find it with me, I've been hurt in the past so I want to take my time and really get to kno someone before I jump in heart first.sorry bout my lousy spelling.

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