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Hi there; thanks for having a wee look at my profile (-:

My name's Ade and I live in Edinburgh. My life's both busy and exciting, although I'm quite a gentle soul, I think. I'm a good listener, a good friend to have in a crisis, and I have a keen sense of fun and adventure. I am slightly shy and fiercely independent, but I think I'm very approachable.

I'm an archaeologist, quite dedicated to my work, and that curiosity and love of exploring is also in my nature. Diversity and tradition are important to me. I can be playful as well as serious. I have many interests - wildlife, music, hillwalking, photography, visiting places of interest and occasionally getting wet in the rain .....

Hoping to make friends and be part of the MSE community. I've been an MSE member for a wee while and enjoy the community spirit here. Perhaps I get along best with people who have a sense of fun and optimism.

Basic facts icon About me

I'm 57 years old and come from Lothian in the United Kingdom. I'm single with no kids. I'm 5' 11" tall and of average build. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for friendship.

Detailed facts icon My detailed facts

Hair colour Light brown
Hair style Short
Eyes Blue
Glasses No
Facial hair Clean shaven
Tattoos None
Piercings None
Attractiveness Don't know
Ethnicity White - British
Education University
Job Professional
Income Medium income
Smoking Never smoked
Drinking Socially only
Drugs Never
Food Chicken and fish
Politics Independent thinker
Religion Spiritual
Practising Sometimes
Children 0
More children Not sure

Hobbies and interests icon My hobbies and interests

Cooking I enjoy cooking sometimes, but would rather cook for two than just for myself. I enjoy most kinds of food and styles and like to surprise myself sometimes (-:
Shopping Shopping is not a big part of my life - although it's necessary I guess, and can even be fun sometimes. I have fun browsing in charity shops, etc. I prefer to look after things well rather throwing things out and buying new things. I tend to resist 'following the herd' (which means I don't rush out and buy what everyone else is rushing out and buying).
DIY I do a little DIY but mostly for friends.
Housework I'm a clean and tidy guy ( .... honest!).
Dining out I enjoy eating out, in the right company.
Movies I enjoy cinema and there are many films I like, for different reasons. I admire quality in storylines and cinematography. I tend to like British films, and prefer originals to re-makes.
Theatre Yes, I love the theatre.
Music I like rock music and some 'pop' and folk music, bands who are as good 'live' as they are in the recording studio, and I also like several female soloists. But not all at once ... otherwise they wouldn't be soloists I guess (-:

I enjoy singing along rather than just listening.
Gigs A fan of the right kind of live music, I'll go to concerts as often as I can if I can find anyone willing to go with me.
Pubs I like quiet, cosy pubs that serve good food and allow you to relax. When I was younger I avoided going into pubs, mostly because they were full of cigarette smoke.
Clubbing Never been a clubber.
Newspapers and magazines I tend to watch TV news, documentaries and current affairs programmes rather than reading newspapers regularly. Certain newspapers are full of gossip and rubbish, anyway ....
Books I read a lot for work and research, so don't tend to read very much for pleasure. Having said that, I do have just a few books!
TV I watch TV occasionally - news, documentaries, good-quality drama, movies. Too many people unwittingly let their TVs tell them what to do and and what to think. When mine tries to do that I just unplug it (-:
Watching sport Love to visit football grounds and watch live football matches, and I enjoy tennis, golf tournaments, rugby and other stuff, preferably by 'being there' rather than watching on TV (but you can't have everything!). Don't really understand cricket (oh no) and F1 just doesn't appeal.
Playing sport Used to play a lot of sport when I was younger, and would still love to play football if a team wanted to sign a pacy wing-back on a free transfer .......

I'm not the best in the world at tiddlywinks.
Hobbies Photography, writing poetry, getting away for a holiday or a weekend break, exploring places of interest, the historic environment ... I'm also passionate when I'm with a romantic partner and am a strong and loyal friend to my friends.

Hopes and dreams icon My hopes and dreams

In ten years I see myself I'd quite like to still be alive (guess I'd better take care crossing the road then). I'd like to feel contented, fulfilled and to have no regrets.
Who would I invite to a dinner party? "If you could invite three people (living or dead) to a dinner party, who would you invite?"

Oh, I'd definitely invite living people, as the deceased rarely reply to invitations and if they do turn up to parties they tend to scare everybody.
My ideal date Being with my favourite girl ...
What would I never, ever give up? I hope never to give up my principles and integrity. Also, toast would be quite hard to give up ..... (-;
If I had to give a speech on a subject I was passionate about ... I give a lot of public talks as part of my work. I'm passionate about the protection and understanding of irreplaceable heritage and archaeology, and lots of other things besides.
If I could visit anywhere in the world at any time in history There are a few places I'd like to go, but I prefer to keep them private, and hopefully share them with someone special.
If I had a million pounds to give to charity There are so many charities doing fantastic work out there. I care about wildlife, kids, and people less fortunate than me.
My "and finally" section ... If you have read these scribblings, thank you!


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