JustLyn Female (66) from Cheshire

I am in a relationship with a man I met in 2011.
I divorced in 2007 and his partner of 28 years had died in 2010 at age 58 of cancer.
We have separate homes and both still have 28-38 year olds between us who are not yet reliably independent due to different health problems.

I stay here because I never really looked for a relationship, just was advised by a man I met that in 2008, MSE had a few members who arranged walks. As a result, from being in a "joined at the hip" marriage and had no friends, I made genuine real life friends from this site who I am in regular contact with off site and my partner is included.

I have retired as an NHS nurse (Jan 31st 2020) in a GP surgery and managed the diabetes mostly. I am past retirement age but found GPs are medically trained but find it odd they can employ nurses and not actually know how nurses vary in skills so it became frustrating seeing GPs, in my opinion, wasting NHS money seeing patients that nurses usually deal with. And people complain there are no GP appointments!
You get the gist of it without me ranting here.

My 3 adult children have all had health problems but my eldest seems to be much better after years of depression and lives in Sheffield. His younger brother (1982) has autism and rarely is able to leave the house. He can drive and has a degree but due to not getting support as child from the 80's, sadly his abilities are undiscovered. The JobCentre seem to have no facilities or training to nurture him into work and last time I tried it was like they, as the saying goes, use a JCB to crack an egg.

Their sister (1985) has the often misunderstood, ME/cfs which means she does not know what she can achieve from one day to the next. She manages to work 2 x 1.5hr shifts a day in a school nursery but then often has to go to bed to recover. Scientists think it is something to do with our human batteries (mitochondria) not functioning properly. It is frustrating because even family see her OK one day and think she is "better" but we humans seem to have trouble understanding what we see before us is not always the reality in peoples lives behind closed doors.

My experiences professionally and personally have made me need to try to ensure their safe future as both have been let down by the current health assessment tests not portraying the truth of their situations so now I have retired I have started writing to people like my MP, employers, agencies, to see if I can change things, even a little.

I am involved in our local carers' organisation and attend our local autism support group. I join some walking events, especially if there is something to learn. Now I have retired I have bought a second bike and hope to enjoy more cycling and walking throughout our warmer seasons.

I hope to enjoy polite debate and discussion with friendly members who don't have to prove themselves by putting others down.
I enjoy reading political perspectives and experiences, people's experiences such as Temple Grandin, an autistic person who is a Professor in Animal Behaviour and how she got to where she is. I am currently reading about the damaging promotions of Oxycontin in USA and how the drug companies were more interested in profit, knowing the addiction problems they were causing.
I don't understand how so many humans are out for their own gain, even if that gain is causing others pain.

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I'm 66 years old and come from Cheshire in the United Kingdom. I'm attached with three children. I'm 5' 10" tall and of average build. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for friendship.

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