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I'm still working as a senior nurse in general practice but considering retirement in 2019 as the politics is chaotic. I'm not averse to change, even an advocate for constructive change, but the past few years there is so much coming into general practice, financial incentives for GPs, rather than what really works for the patients. As new things come in that sound good, something else gets neglected, even things we were doing well. I must just make a big E on my e-bike, keep fit, and enjoy more quality me time.

I have been in a happy relationship since 2011 but it's like having two homes only 20 miles apart as we both have adult children not yet flown the nest...and unlikely to, as none of my three or his two, are interested in relationships, or don't have the health right now. It sucks when your children, who once had ambition, are enveloped by some form of sickness, especially a sickness that is not understood, even by GPs. One has to become an expert to protect them. That is me, I am to retire to become a pioneer for those who need a voice, especially for autism, Myalgic encephalomyelitis, and mental health.

In public I am often told I am quiet, but then I surprise people by always standing up for underdog. I'll hold someone's hand to protect them when I may otherwise have needed protection myself. It's funny how we can get the strength to do that.

I have enjoyed many years of late development and studied with the Open University since 1985, taking 5 years doing a BSc Hons in Science, Environment, then the honours but moved over to more health related issues including research and professional decision making. I then got a bit more confidence and did a degree's worth of nursing and medical modules, often shared with GPs. I was so driven, I paid for most of them because I am passionate about learning and helping patients but I might be getting a bit burnt out now. It has been hard seeing to the sick at work, then coming home to two intelligent and ambitious children, who are also sick, often in bed. I do despair about their future in the current political climate.

I'm not looking for anything. I have made wonderful real life friends from the old walking groups that used to form here on MSE. We have annual holidays and my partner comes too. We mix and match in days out, "ladies who lunch", and support each other through life or health events as we get older. Some are closer than family.

I had recently thought of leaving, but I don't see why I should be seen off from here by people who jump to conclusions on my life from snippets we manage to post. Some can get very personal, but then perhaps it if they who have something to prove. There is the saying "Life begins at 40", but for me, the turning point seemed to be age 53.

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I'm 65 years old and come from Cheshire in the United Kingdom. I'm attached with three children. I'm 5' 10" tall and of average build. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for friendship.

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