Justaguy Male (62) from South East London

I'm Carlos, half Spanish (my father) hence my name,
I was born and have lived most of my life in London
I'm an ex smoker, having switched over to the safer option of vaping
Was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes,So I've had to give it up
Along with the sugar, biscuits, chocolate, etc. All the fun stuff ( Boo Hoo )
Oh well at least I can still have occasional glass of red wine
As you can see in my pics I do have a beard, I'm quite attached to it

I've now probably sent half of you running away screaming
So if either, or both of these really are a big no no for you,
Then please, just move along to the next profile
Taking my very best wishes with you, and good luck
Finding whomever or whatever it is, you are searching for.
But you'll never know unless you give it a try,..
You may find you actually enjoy how that beard tickles.

Anyone still here ? It's just you left.? Please do read on.
I do think that everyone is entitled to one or two vices
Don't you have any ? e.g. Love your chocolate ?,
Watch too much junk TV ? , Impulsive shopper ?
Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and shoes,
That seemed like a good idea at the time. But .....?

I'm taking a break from working at the moment,
But I'm financially OK. Got my own house bought and paid for etc.
Any Gold Diggers, Please take note. there's no rich pickings here
Not a wealthy man,though I'm reasonably solvent at the moment

So I should be able to scrape up enough cash to treat us to
a shared bag of chips, if we went out together for a date.
To hell with the expense, I'll even buy us a bag each.
Never let it be said, I don't know how to spoil a lady
If we should meet up and you look nothing like your photo.
Then you are buying me drinks until you do...

Living alone, as I do, I really don't mind my own company
Well most of the time anyway.
But then I'll find,I do miss not having a special lady in my life.
for company, conversation, cuddles etc,
Perhaps you might enjoy sharing some of your free time,
Together with a special someone who'd care for you ?

I'd rate intelligence and a sense of humour above looks,
If you're fortunate enough to have it all, that's great too
You'd be a strong and independent woman,
Someone who is feisty but also feminine.
A warm, affectionate, and caring person,
I myself, am generally, a very calm, relaxed, easy going,
and rather laid back kind of guy.
Though I can, probably like most men,
be just a little stubborn and strong willed on occasion.

I'm not really looking for a long term commitment,
Just some nice company and a friendship, at least initially
But then again, I wouldn't totally rule it out either.
Take it nice and easy, and then see what happens
You'd just have to try your best to convince me,
That you were someone very special and worth it...

Just a little cautious here, because of life's previous experiences
I'm sure that most of us here on this website, "Have been there",
and that you'd probably also have a story or two to tell.

You look just like George Clooney said a lady I met today,
Wearing dark glasses,a white stick, out walking with her dog
But seriously now, I'm perhaps not best looking guy in the world,
I'm a bit overweight too, though I am trying to lose some.
I've lost two stone so far, but still a few more to try and shift.
I'm now looking a little slimmer, than in those photos

Although I'm not exactly what you would call the sporty type,
I did once complete a full Marathon. I can tell you're impressed ?
But that was years ago,before they changed the name to Snickers
Sorry....even by my (low) standards that was a little bit corny
Don't understand the joke ? You're probably bit too young for me

I'm intelligent, kind, and affectionate, with a big heart,
I do have a dry, and rather wicked sense of humour
I hope you enjoy a bit of flirty banter ? as I do love to tease
But only in a fun, humorous way, never in a cruel way
I can laugh at myself too. I'm happy to take a joke at my expense
As well as dishing them out.

I hope you are someone that's up for a bit of a challenge.?
I'll admit I may need some working on, and perhaps a little T.L.C.
Or a gentle kick in the backside... But as I'm getting on a bit now
I'm not that bendy or flexible anymore, So I can't do it to myself...
But I'm not a completely hopeless case, "Honestly".
I know I'm not perfect, but then I won't expect you to be either

If reading my profile and looking at those photos
Haven't already put you off ? ( You're very brave )
Then hopefully you do have the intelligence
to never judge a book by it's cover.You never know,
You might be pleasantly surprised, by what's on the inside

Could you be the one ? That special person, who would
inspire me, move me, motivate me, and capture my heart, ?
I'm pretty sure there's still some potential left in there,
If you have an open mind and open heart. Why not take a chance?

Are you still awake ? Yes it is a long one isn't it ? Do keep reading
If there is anything else, that you would like to know about me ?
Don't be shy, Just go ahead and ask, I will answer you truthfully
Maybe a new start, for both of us..? Please do get in touch.
I'm patiently waiting to hear from, and also all about "You"

I'm not the right one for you.? Thanks for your time reading this far,
I'll just wish you good luck, finding what you are searching for xxx

P.S. Hi Carlos in any message to me, so I know you've read my profile and you do want to contact me

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I'm 62 years old and come from South East London in the United Kingdom. I'm divorced with no kids. I'm 6' 0" tall and of cuddly build. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for dating and friendship.

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