IngridBurgman Female (59) from Warwickshire

I am a buoyant character and emotionally honest and looking for fun and fulfilment in sharing my thoughts and dreams with another soul who finds joy in me and sharing themselves. I have a long ancestry and adore experiencing new places and experiences but won't be uncomfortable. I enjoy the cold when its nice and dry.. love the rain if it's coming down like fat shiny pearls and am absorbed in a sunsets or sunrises. Watching it snow is sheer heaven a fulfilling the promise of the smell of snow, soft and gentle flakes coming to great us is harmony for me. The touch of making bread with the smell of its baking never fails to fill me with hunger and a yearning for coffee.. I adore free flow cooking.. the type you are not bound to but can dabble and experiment with what can be. Must pay more attention (for when I want to make it again) Its always and adventure.

I want a man who is confident and caring and attentive adoring being tender and affectionate, believes in developing his relationship with his lady and not shy about growing within himself and comfortable to support and inspire us both in growth. Culture is a must for me, films, books, wondering off on little adventures even if your not lost Hee Hee. Being sensitive to others and thoughtful is something to be very proud of in this busy world.

I enjoy creative persuits, architecture and building's entrance me, if given the oportunity I am drawn to explore. life for me is not a race however, I am a prize and will want to be won not collected.

If you have the time to develope a relationship.. like enthusiasum and asperation to acheive perhaps we can share a good times.. grounded yet open people are attractive for me.

I am decisive person who likes living in the solutions and not a problem. I embrace opportunity for personal growth and development with both hands and have been known to hang on tight to my cream cakes too!.... My boundaries are honest and up front. I adore sharing attention with people, animals and mother nature. Learning excites me but best of all is attempting the aplication, rearly get it right first time.. Being principaled is something I admire, impeccable manners and respect for others is a must.

Enjoy walking and traking down new spots to eat or picknick. Enjoy developing my photography and looking forward to improving taking portraits. Would be nice to have someone special capture on film, apart from my great freinds.

I love being read to makes me just snuggle!!!

All Strings attached but no mental gymnastics

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Hoping to find people to grow with and explore new things and places. Ideally individuals who are looking to build somthing special in thier lives, be it as freinds, project partners or lovers.

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I'm 59 years old and come from Warwickshire in the United Kingdom. I'm divorced with no kids. I'm 5' 9" tall and of average build. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for dating, friendship, hobbies and interests and business contacts.

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