In-Focus Male (64) from the West Midlands

I am a single genuine & younger minded guy who prefers dressing casual and learning from others. I am definitely up for having a laugh with a GSOH seeing the funny side of absolutely any situation I find myself in. I’m not one to stray or play away, a real soul mate that can talk any differences out & know I will be there for that special person in times of need.

Being a true Pisces, I hope my traits such as intelligence, creative mind, inventive, a developed sense of compassion & understanding of others, gentle, kind and of course honesty are all qualities that appeal to people I meet. I always get more fun/pleasure out of pleasing/making other people happy before me, because that's my buzz. I don't smoke & not into alcohol except for a shandy, but a lot of my friends are & that’s fine by me.

My interests are mainly electrical technical based but include Photography & everything that pertains to it. I spend a fair bit of time photographing Birmingham bands at live gigs nowdays so I do get out and about evenings. I also like drives/walks in scenic places & just chilling out with any similar minded people who like sharing some solitude and space together.

I can’t dwell on serious things for long, I hate stagnation & if variety is the spice of life then Comedy & laughter is my food to sprinkle it on. Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive. I've never been a money worrier, so long as there is happiness, there is a fortune to enjoy.

I can look after myself but not a fantastic cook as my domestic science teacher summed up in her school report many years ago.
"His sausage rolls were obviously overcooked because as he placed the tray on the table the vibration caused them all to collapsed & disintegrate into small piles of black smouldering soot."

I have many true stories of my life & hope to fill a book with them, here is taster.
It was summer & I was young. I had parked in the high street with the intention of making a withdrawal from the bank. My keys were on a long chain attached to my shorts due to constantly loosing them, a decision I was soon to regret. I shut the car door, which self locked & hurriedly walked away. My shorts however remained close to the car door after being violently ripped off by the chain, which still partly resided trapped in the car door. The answer to your thoughts is no, it was too hot for underwear. A middle aged women in high heels gave me a cursory glance, lost her balance, clip clopped, skidded & then collapsed into the TSB bank doorway sliding down the marble wall obviously trying to make a withdrawal herself.
I admit I wasted time trying to open the car door, Logical, but sods law absolutely fruitless.
I did a 360* turn looking where to run but just made matters worse as an old lady behind me adjusted her glasses & let out a ear shattering shriek. Now deaf & wishing my t-shirt was a foot longer, I ran down the high street to cries of “It’s a streaker” into the newsagents & managed to wrap myself into the Evening mail. First time I ever made the front page!
Someone who is honest & caring, likes cuddles & snuggles & loves falling asleep with a warm body.

Must have a GSOH, tactile, touchy, likes holding hands on holidays & communicates during the ups and downs of the real world enabling a harmonious life together. Not a lot to ask for is it?

I believe some people I meet will become good friends & will always be my friends. We will realise the spark is not there for a relationship, but will still be friends comfortable in one another’s company until life’s end.

I hope & believe one of the people I meet will first be a friend but both of us will sense there is something else. We will know it won’t stop there & continue to develop friendship into a relationship that will outlive this life into the next.

It’s that person I can promise my love and everything I have with a dedication to build & cement a relationship that works for us both.

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I'm 64 years old and come from the West Midlands in the United Kingdom. I'm divorced with two children. I'm 5' 10" tall and of average build. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for dating, friendship, hobbies and interests and business contacts.

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