Free_Spirit Male (65) from the West Midlands

I have longish dark curly hair (not so long now) and dark brown eyes. Not really Cuddly, somewhere between that and Athletic. I'm easygoing with a reasonable personality. My sense of humour is said to be good albeit strange sometimes (strange nice rather than strange weird) I don't know if I'm good looking or not, so I guess "average" is the safest statement to make! Anyway you can judge for yourself from the photo that I've uploaded (make sure you have sun-glasses handy). I like to go for a few beers occasionally although it's not a dominant feature of my life. I try to keep reasonably fit but I'm not a fanatic in fact I don't think it can be said that I'm fanatical about anything in particular. I like variety although I do have some unaccomplished ambitions but these are largely personal goals like swimming with wild dolphins... you know that sort of thing! I like visiting interesting places but haven't done much lately (not much fun on your own) So, its just pubs and clubs (boring I know) or staying in; I even sometimes bring home stuff from work to break the monotony!! I work in the IT industry in a variety of roles, currently I'm a trainer but also work in support and network administration. Difficult this isn't it writing about yourself? Oh! I have a dog, we go for long walks in the countryside (The dog died in September 2004 aged 17yrs 9mths)... I love animals in general and am very much into their welfare both domestic and wild. Dislikes, not too many, Snobs, bigots, abuse of people or animals, racism etc...

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Anybody any age, any race, from anywhere, will correspond with anyone from anywhere. I'm not desperate, honest....!!!

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I'm 65 years old and come from the West Midlands in the United Kingdom. I'm single with no kids. I'm 6' 0" tall and of larger build. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for dating, friendship, hobbies and interests and business contacts.

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