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* Block or ignore. Every additional post on a troll infested thread is a ‘kiss of life’ and we will never be rid of the nastiness. *

Sometimes it's worth reading Inbetween the lines to get the full picture :)

Insults, slurs and slights can always be found or imagined if that is the aim

What about this Blackjack geezer ROFL. a blast from the past. Hilarious now. First Maglorian posts regular vile crap then Blackjack takes his place posting almost identical vile crap and now .. blackjack starts threads of vile crap and Maglorian adds posts telling Blackjack (or himself) how clever he is. Real entertainment.

Another troll appears or perhaps a returning old troll. Nasty vindictive posts which are hellbent on ruining any good interesting threads by making lengthy and pointless posts. Where did poster Vingtetun go? Was he too subtle?

When is a Maglorian not a real man? When he is a she : AvitoDauphine. COINCIDENCE? THESE TWO PROFILES BOTH BLOCKED ME AT THE SAME TIME LOL. LOL.
Maglorian, AvitoDauphine, Witheflow, withgoodintent, wandering4fun to use A few of the fake names , you cannot escape your neo liberal cabal by pretending to have socialist ideals and pretending to care about others and pretending to want to help the poor. You really nasty piece of work.
You mock council house tenants? You laugh at littered communities? You make racist comments? You make snide homophobic remarks? You hate seeing the poor being helped and attack every thread where caring people try to help others.
The only contribution you have made to the forum is reviving all the excellent votes which float around whenever one of the abhorrent trolls makes an unwelcome appearance.
Is Maglorian actually David Icke with his conspiracy theories and are we all lizards ?
Is Michael for real?
As well as the obvious trolls who often start their own thread which invariably includes insults to other members of the site and often general insults to the British public, there are also the secondary trolls following the primary trolls with inane replies to posts. NoSaint and HotOrWot do this.

## 19th Oct 2019. A few new profiles of the old trolls. One wearing a skirt this time. ##
The new troll ploy is moving around surreptitiously sending “nice” friendly messages to other members they feel are naive enough to listen and be taken in. Sad.
*From a funny post.
I think Witheflowinggoodintent is losing the plot.
Is that Good2BWitheflowinggoodintent gentleman?
Should this be Good2BWitheflowinggoodintentWandering4fun ?

A new phrase Curmudgeon Signalling, its the opposite to Virtue Signalling, where a person is unable to see the good in another's actions for wider public benefit, especially when done by a celebrity. These people rarely if ever make any positive suggestions or comments, but wish the world to know of their long suffering world weariness and how they're the only ones who can see "whats really happening" whilst the rest of us are sheeple blindly following the herd. Curmudgeon Signallers are just as prevalent on the political right as the political left, although at present it does seem to be more of a left wing phenomena. The other thing is these people always defend free speech, but make a point of raining on everyone's parade, being negative and frequently nasty, but claim immunity because free speech is sacred and needs exercise, its never them just spreading their own misery in an increasingly wide arc.
I liked this description by a member.

I’ve experienced many trolls online. Internet trolls as opposed the ugly creature depicted in stories.
They will start threads, or more often post on the threads of others, sometimes in a seemingly innocent way but the posts are designed to be confrontational to get a strong reaction so the troll can plead innocence as if the operation was not planned.
What they say is usually of little consequence but they will often have a favourite line which has worked for them in the past.
The troll serves no other purpose but to create mayhem and attempt to make themselves look clever or superior.......

"....... G2BW. Your opening post
......who is hampering, marginalizing and truncating debate on important subjects.

To guard against this sabotaging, the present limit of
FIVE new topics per person per 24 hours
should be reduced to
TWO new topics per member per 24 hours.

Is that not a desire to limit the number of posts from those you feel are posting unimportant messages?

Are you not saying that your believe the unimportant subjects are hampering and marginalizing your more important subjects?
If I wanted to indoctrinate my political beliefs onto others I certainly wouldn't be trying to do so on a very small dating site with just a handful of members in a forum. That would plainly be quite ridiculous.

There are some very good openings for such indoctrination on Facebook and on websites attached to the news media. The Mail forum is brilliant for heated discussions, wind-ups or making serious points as they are an argumentative bunch on there and very much from across the ;political spectrum.

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I'm 64 years old and come from North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. I'm single with no kids. I'm 5' 11" tall and of average build. I don't smoke and I like a drink. I'm here for friendship.

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Hair colour White/grey
Hair style Short
Eyes Green
Glasses No
Facial hair Clean shaven
Tattoos None
Piercings None
Attractiveness Don't know
Ethnicity White - British
Education Rather not say
Job Rather not say
Income Rather not say
Smoking Never smoked
Drinking Socially and sometimes at home
Drugs Never
Food Chicken and fish
Politics Rather not say
Religion None
Practising No
Children 0
More children I don't want to have (more) children

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