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I'm a well educated man who works as a teacher and professional classical musician so I of course have interests in classical music, both playing and listening to most things from 1700 to the present day. However there is much more to me than just music. I enjoy theatre, art galleries, exhibitions, travel, gardening, history and science, the latter of which I have been fascinated by since watching the moon landings as a boy. Astronomy, geology, biology, evolution are all things in which I take interest and want to know more about. I love good conversation and can readily talk about complex issues, but you will find I know nothing about what such and such a celeb has been doing. Who cares anyway? Certainly not me. I am active and like to go places, certainly not the stay at home all the time, type. Life is for living so I get out there and live it and you will find I am really approachable and relaxed with who I am.

I listen to radio, particularly Radio 3 and 4 and the World Service as they can heard in the car as well as the house. Very rarely I might look at the TV for a few seconds but not necessarily turn it on. I read Private Eye, New Scientist and occasionally The Economist. My humour is sponteaneous and dry, essentially wit with the odd dash of sarcasm laced in. I enjoy keeping myself informed about what happens elsewhere in the world and I whilst I am interested in politics, I would describe myself as apolitical as no single party really reflects my views or ideas with any great accuracy. I have traveled widely and have worked in several different countries so being culturally aware of different places and peoples is important to me. I value integrity and honesty in particular but also set a high store by intelligence and self awareness. As such I am pretty down to earth and realistic in what I do and how I approach life. That does not prevent me however from having a vivid imagination when I need it.

I have no interest in football, noisy pubs and clubs, tabloid newspapers or anything that might be deemed popular culture. Also being an atheist I have no time for or truck with religion.
I’m looking for a well educated, atheist woman who understands at least some of the above and hopefully all of the above and some more as well. Ideally you will have interests and talents of your own that are different to mine and which will add to the mix of interests. I will want to take interest in what you do. What matters most is your personality and your attitude to life. Life is for living and trying new things and the age you try new things doesn't matter and for the right person I would also consider relocating. If you like what you have read and are looking for a man who wants to find someone to love and love him in return by building a life long relationship, then please send me an email. Unlike many, I will reply to you and not ignore your effort.

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I'm 57 years old and come from Suffolk in the United Kingdom. I'm single with no kids. I'm 5' 6" tall and of average build. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for dating.

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