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Hi I am a kind gentle & caring person, I enjoy having fun. I work within further education.. the bonus being lots and lots of holidays :-). I am mum to 3 children who are now growing up 24,18 & 16 (only two living at home)I feel it is now the right time to be doing something for me.. I enjoy walking, holidays and weekends away. I love Europe and rather to holiday somewhere with the locals. I have a desire to learn to sail and I can speak a little spanish I would like to build on that some more. The cinema and the outdoors
I love spontinaity. socialising with friends and also my family.
I enjoy playing badminton, squash ( though I am not that good, and very much out of practice), I love to swim. All these things would be great if there was someone to share them with to have a giggle. & maybe a cuddle!

Most of all I have this Dream.... to find my soul mate.. not the perfect partner. one with whom I can converse, can laugh and cry , be sad and happy , have fun and do the mundane things with. I am not living in cloud nine or want to , I would like to live compatably with my partner enjoying all life has to offer.

A friend wrote this about me..

"To know Sharon is to embark on a series of adventures actually more like the start of a journey in to the unknown. Where are we going, what are we going to do and how much fun will we have? Well let me tell you. You are going to a new exciting world, you are going to do lots of fantastic things and you will have more fun that you can deal with!!! Sharon is a women of energy, vitality depth and drive. So, what ever you do don't underestimate her abilities.She's a caring and sympathetic, to a point and then when her boredom thresholds reached you might as well buy her chocolate and sit back because nothing you say will impress her! However, she is always there for you, always got time for a chat and a cuddle.

Sharon's the sort of girl you can take anywhere. From posh restaurants, theatres, clubs beaches or to meet your mum she's a real diamond and you will always be proud to have her with you. So, make sure you treasure this gem because like gems she needs attention. Take your eye off the ball or take her for granted and things will start to unravel.

While Sharon is full of confidence and joy everyone has a flip side and she's no different. Solution to this is be honest true and concerned. Talk to her as an equal, be frank and open and you wont be disappointed. You will get sensible, fun and interesting conversation. She's no shrinking violet so be prepared for some eye watering moments that will have you rolling in fits of laughter. Go dancing walking swimming or driving and there will always be laughter. Don't take things too serious and the day will be non-stop giggles and tease.

She's a great mum and like all lionesses her kids come first. So manage your expectations. You may think your the most important person and the World should revolve round you BUT it doesn't so understand the situation and embrace the potential joy.

So, in summary,

Sharon's bright, beautiful, vivacious, sexy and a real great person to be with. She needs to treated fairly with open two way discussion. Its simple really treat her how you would like to be treated and you will be rewarded 10 fold. Who ever gets to be her friend is very lucky."

I would like to meet people who are open and do not have an hidden agenda! who are comfortable with themselves.

however due to my ever increasing busy life i am at the moment looking to make friends.... but if i was looking then read on ;-)

A man who knows how to treat a lady like a lady and will treat me with respect, compliment me and bring out the best in me. He would be a family man who understands the constraints and pressures of children, but who also knows when the weekend is ours to do as we please we do make the most of it.

So I would like to build friendships, possible romance, maybe even a longterm realtionship who knows .

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I'm 52 years old and come from Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom. I'm divorced with three children. I'm 5' 3" tall and of cuddly build. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for dating, friendship and hobbies and interests.

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