david12strings Male (76) from Durham


YEAR:1943. ( Looks like a more recent model. In the evenings, effective age can easily be varied between 16 and 60ish depending on who, where and what. In the mornings - pass - that is a different question)

Divorced many years ago. (The full range: Nisi, Absolute, Hang, Draw, Quarter.)

5'-6" was 5'-7" plus a little bit more and shrinking. Height is being slowly transferred from vertical to horizontal so width is xxxxx plus a little bit more but holding.)

12 stones plus or minus a little bit more.
( Nearly slim, nearly all over.)

Real and dark with advancement of extinguished looking grey streaks. When viewed directly from overhead in strong sunlight, brains seem to be trying to but not quite succeeding to escape.

Two. Both - grey/blue and real. Bifocal glasses are worn and sometimes, I can see a lot more than I should.

One. (I can only see one in the mirror and that ugly old * doesn't look like me any more.)

Two. (Otherwise, I would fall off my bike.)

Two. (They stop the ends of my ankles from fraying.)

Two of normal length. (Very rarely fully utilised. Space for that one and only certain someone in between.)

Two. (I can clap them together so there must be two.)

Two. (Try wearing glasses with only one ear! Deaf to certain criticisms.)

Broken. ( Requires the services of a dedicated, very highly skilled specialist.)

All present and correct. (Maintained in good, clean condition but not always serviced on a regular basis.)

Taurus. (Straight! Honest! Dependable!)

One - very, very careless, extreme ultra feminist.

Several - but not the right one - so far?

Life's rich tapestry, in general.
The right woman in particular.

Country music. (The pre Line Dancing component of C&W )
Playing guitars/honky tonk piano/keyboards/etc.
Ferroequinology. - It is legitimate and morally acceptable. (Even HRH the Duke of Rothesay, has tried it!)

Other interests include: Politics,(not active), Etymology, Cycling, Meteorology, Swimming, Dogs, Cats, Other Pets, Wildlife, Conservation, Sunsets, Rainbows, Shared Star Gazing, Lost Causes and the list goes on and on.

Dry? Cynical? Well Developed?
I can laugh at very trite, simple or even naughty things or smile quietly and enjoy more profound material. I dislike slapstick, overworked TV jokes and canned laughter. I try not to tell political jokes because they get elected.

TELEPHONE No: (Darlington) Sorry - Deleted after reading the rules.

As with phone number, I'm happy that my e-mail address is freely available but the rules say, "No"

OTHER DETAILS: Readily available upon request!

Smoking and smokers.
Dishonesty, duplicity and deceit.
People without a sense of humour.
Social Workers and much of their work
American movies where the all American hero is the good guy and wins but only when the noise reaches a crescendo.
Modern art and modern jazz.

I am taxed, tested and insured.
Ministry Certified Full service history Excellent Runner - when required. Good Clean Bodywork. (Most of the time. ) A good example for the year. Free "no obligations" trial. No reasonable offer refused.

Sometimes I dream of a feminine, nearly slim, fairly intelligent, non smoking, musical, Celtic lady in her late fifties or early sixties. OK, dream on! My dearest wish is to find that one special lady, my soul mate, whoever and where ever she is and to wake up every morning, for the rest of my life, being ecstatically happy to find her right next to me knowing that she is equally ecstatically happy wakening up beside me with both of us looking forward to another new day.
Real life is not like dreams and you can't buy a partner on eBay. I'm not looking for a "perfect" woman but rather my own personal ideal woman, complete with her very own lifetime collection of fears, failings, faults and foibles to match and complement my own. However, sadly, I do find that I simply don't relate to bbw. I can't help it, my arms are only of normal length.
I can't define that thing called "magic". Perhaps you have it. If you are interested, please send me a message otherwise neither of us will ever know and possibly, just possibly, both of us could lose out for the rest of our lives. If you're not interested then it is your loss and you've just wasted five minutes of your life reading all this which is very sad but true.

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I'm 76 years old and come from Durham in the United Kingdom. I'm divorced with three children. I'm 5' 6" tall and of average build. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for dating.

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