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Average height, generous heart, a man with soul, a beamer of a smile and secrets to share. A midland bloke, a mix of tradiional and a bit old-fashioned but also a seeker of the new and the unknown. Slim build, long skinny legs, a nice chest, dark hair but not much left now (on my head). I am slightly chaotic but manage to get things done somehow. I have a routine, but am inclined to being spontaneous.

I am a gardener, and am studying horticulture at college. Decided on a life-change a couple of years ago after working for a local community organisation. Bought some tools, an old petrol mower and a toyota estate from ebay, and off i went. I love being outside, except when its raining, and the countryside is where i feel most in touch with myself and the world.

Am not a loner though,and need to socialise regularly (apart from going to the cinema on my own occasionally). I love walking, swimming, (sometimes in the river a couple of miles away), tennis down the park, looking at the stars, and having friends round for tea and cake. Useless things i can do include being able to drive a tractor, name every mens Wimbledon Champion since 1960 and know way too much stuff about Castles. More normal stuff would include pottering down at the allotment, getting the train to B'ham and go look at some paintings (or sit by the fountain with a sandwich and look at the the iron man), go watch my friends play in their band, or take the nephews out to the local castle. I like having friend's round for dinner, practising my cooking on trusting souls! I won't say i want to meet a particular kind of woman; people just know when they get on and like each other. Drop me a line and say hello. ps...I know a good country pub with a log fire, real ale and an overweight jack russell hogging the heat!
I'm looking for someone who enjoys their life, but who has an interest in other people and the wider world. Maybe you can relate to someone who has not had it all their own way in life but is not cynical or bitter either. Maybe you have wondered aound a stone circle in your time, been lost in music, believe in the power of the written word and want to know more. Don't always believe what you are told but trust your feelings and your friends.

Someone who can listen and not just wait for their turn to talk. Tell me if i'm not abiding by these rules! I'm not in any mad rush for instant romance, but would like to get to know someone, share the familiar with someone different, and enjoy getting out there and have fun, and see where it goes from there. Am willing to make adjustments for instant chemistry though!

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I'm 54 years old and come from Warwickshire in the United Kingdom. I'm single with no kids. I'm 5' 10" tall and I'd describe myself as slim. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for dating and friendship.

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