Basil3Zarf562 Male (63) from Derbyshire

I am an easy going philosophical kind of guy who has a loopy sense of humour. I am an individual rather than one of the crowd and admire sincerity and loyalty in a person.

I work as a Sales Co-ordinator for a multi national company , own my own house and car but enough of the boring stuff!

I enjoy relaxing at the weekend after a stressful week at work and having a laugh and a few beers ; I also enjoy going on holiday(America in particular), jogging, trips to the seaside, football, reading and walking the rain with someone nice..I
supose I must be a bit of a romantic as well.
I am looking for an intelligent,sincere lady to accompany on through lifes unpredictable journey. A good sense of humour is essential here! If you find The Office or Alan Partridge hilarious we have common ground.I believe that the best times are just around the corner and somebody who shares this outlook on life
should come on board!

Basic facts icon About me

I'm 63 years old and come from Derbyshire in the United Kingdom. I'm single with no kids. I'm 5' 10" tall and of average build. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for dating.

Detailed facts icon My detailed facts

Hair colour Light brown
Hair style Short
Eyes Blue
Glasses For driving/distance only
Facial hair Clean shaven
Tattoos None
Piercings None
Attractiveness Quite attractive
Ethnicity White - British
Education College
Job Clerical/admin
Income Medium income
Smoking Never smoked
Drinking Socially only
Drugs Never
Food Chicken and fish
Politics Left of centre
Religion Christian
Practising No
Children 0
More children I don't want to have (more) children

Hobbies and interests icon My hobbies and interests

Cooking I cook because I live alone. I enjoy the end results more than the cooking itself.
Shopping I find shopping curiously relaxing, providing that I have time to browse at leisure. However if I am stuck in a Q behind shed loads of slow moving punters floundering with their flexible friends , I become Basil Fawlty!
DIY I get by on the DIY front but lack the patience to be good at it.
Housework I like to keep my house clean and tidy.
Dining out Yes I like to eat out. I like anything meaty, particularly a juicy steak. Fish, chicken,etc all to my liking.
Movies Stand by Me, Brief Encounter, IT, American Graffiti, I'm Alright Jack to name just a few.
Theatre Never been but open to suggestions.
Music Anything from Sex Pistols to the Carpenters, I have ecclectric tastes! Elviis, the Beatles, REM, Motown, Beach Boys, anything from the 60's/70's/80's is likely to float my boat.
Gigs Went to see Deep Purple 3 years ago , nothing since.
Pubs Can't beat a a drop of cask ale in a nice pub in good company.
Clubbing I haven't clubbed for years. Are there any catering for my age group?
Newspapers and magazines Sometimes I buy a magazine about the supernatural or football.
Books I like to read books, but not usually fiction. Crime, biography etc more to my taste.
TV Documentaries, films, comedy.
The Office and Fawlty Towers funny beyond belief.
Watching sport I watch the local football club when at home.
Playing sport Jogging, 5 a side football.
Hobbies Nothing too strange I reckon.

Hopes and dreams icon My hopes and dreams

In ten years I see myself I don't look that far ahead.
Who would I invite to a dinner party? Mohammed Ali, Tony Benn, Jo Brand.
My ideal date Jennifer Aniston perhaps.
What would I never, ever give up? My political beliefs.
If I had to give a speech on a subject I was passionate about ... Why individuality should be celebrated rather viewed with suspicion.
If I could visit anywhere in the world at any time in history Derbyshire 1950's. I'd love to see what my parents were up to as young people. The sentimental streak in me is coming out.....
If I had a million pounds to give to charity One that fights injustice and intolerance.
My "and finally" section ... No

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