barney Male (70) from Surrey

I am a fit, fun, friendly male with a wicked sense of humour.
I am a retired professional and i am now in the property business but i only work when i feel like it which is nice.
Because i have loads of free time i have come on here to chat and join in the conversations.
I have a great social life and loads of friends but you can never have too many friends.
I have travelled extensively in the past and i am still doing so.
Anything you would like to know please feel free to ask.
I am sorry but as i do not have essentials i cannot see who has hugged me or made me a favourite etc so pm me.

To write i shall try and do
Stories and words of rhyme
Ramblings enthused on subjects mixed
Against brevity a crime.

Im no star with music
You'd not think my tastes to great
Where playing of the notes concerned
Below amateur i'd rate.

My use of chalk or brush or oil
Is naught to make you smile
Attempts to play with lumps of clay
A task just not worthwhile.

Language tricks and usage tried
A love of mine all told
Flies past to land in barren ground
And leaves its target cold.

What do i hold that marks me out
From any other poor soul
What glue of magical effect
constrains to keep me whole.

All i have is all i am
No glitter strewn around
Hugs and smiles sent freely out
My willingness unbound.

So if you get to know me
Then i hope you see my worth
Born out of mse madness
A friendship is given birth.

I am just here to chat to people basically and join in with the threads etc and if i make more friends all well and good.

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I'm 70 years old and come from Surrey in the United Kingdom. I'm separated with two children. I'm 5' 11" tall and of average build. I don't smoke and I drink occasionally. I'm here for friendship.

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